How to factory reset a Windows 10 PC

There are many reasons you may want to factory reset/completely wipe your computer, These may include but are not limited to –

  • Preparing to sell your PC
  • Remove malware
  • Attempt to speed up a slow PC
  • Other problems caused by third-party software

In this short step by step tutorial, I will show you how to carry out a factory reset on a Windows 10 PC.

Step 1

To begin you must make your way to the windows logo at the bottom left of your desktop and then select it, then select the settings icon above it (as pictured above).

Step 2

Once you have completed the previous step the windows settings window will open, from here select ‘Update & Security as pictured above .

Step 3

From the ‘Update & Security’ window, you must go to the Recovery tab on the left-hand side of the page. Once on this page select the ‘Get started’ button located under ‘Reset this PC’.

Step 4

Once the previous step is completed you will be greeted with a window asking you which kind of reset you would like.

If you are wiping your PC in an attempt to speed it up I recommend selecting keep my files, this will then remove all downloaded apps that did not come with your PC but will keep your personal files and documents. If this still does not speed up your PC I recommend backing up the files you want to keep to either a USB memory stick or an external hard drive and then completely resetting the PC as I explain below.

If you are Wiping your PC in preparation to sell it or give it away then select remove everything as this will remove all personal files, apps and setting from the PC.

Step 5

If you selected Keep my files you will be shown a list of all the apps that will be removed.

If you selected to remove everything you will have the choice to either just delete all files or completely reset the hard drive, If you are selling the PC I recommend wiping the entire hard drive.

After this, you will be met a final box, select reset as circled above and the reset will begin. Your computer will turn off and then restart after a few minutes, The wipe will be completed and you will have a completely clear PC.


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