XIBERIA-V20 Gaming headset review

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Overview and appearance

This budget PC gaming headset is of excellent quality for a very reasonable price. Priced at £46.99 on Amazon this USB gaming headset delivers exactly what you expect from a headset in this price range(there is also a 3.5mm version for PS4 and Xbox which can be found here). This headset boasts both high sound quality and a great noise-cancelling microphone. There is a control box connected to the wiring towards the top end of the cable (as seen above), This is where both the microphone volume and audio volume control wheels are located as well as other controls such as the mute/unmute switch. There is one more button located on this box which is the large X in the middle, When clicked this button glows red and activates the very stylish rainbow lighting on the sides of the headset making it fit very well with RGB lighting other devices such as your keyboard and PC case may have.

Build Quality and Comfort

The headset feels very sturdy yet reasonably flexible and is of high build quality. The outside of the cabling is fabric and is a welcome change to the usual plastic feel/look. Another benefit of this cabling is that it makes the cable harder to fray and break. This is the headset I use on a day to day basis for things such as gaming, listening to music or watching films on my PC and so I am very familiar with the comfort/discomfort this headset provides. The headset fits all head shapes and sizes due to the adjustable sliders on the headband. Despite its large size, the headset does indeed sit very comfortably on the head. However, as with every product it is not without its drawbacks, one of which being that after several hours of use, the headset does sometimes begin feeling heavy on the head, also due to the large ear pads your ears may become quite warm and even sweat after long periods of use.

Microphone Quality

The built-in microphone is not detachable but can be moved and positioned to suit your need. The microphone also does have some very good noise-cancelling technology which does a great job of heavily reducing how much others can hear background noise and the sound of your mouse and keyboard clicking which is a must if you have a mechanical keyboard. The actual sound quality of the microphone is no match for that of a standalone microphone such as a blue snowball but this is expected, It is more than substantial for gaming and calls, Most people I talk to when using this headset say my voice is clear and a good volume.

Audio Quality

This headset has no active noise cancelling technology which you would expect from more expensive headsets, however, the large well-designed ear muffs do a reasonably good job at blocking out background noise. When playing games this headset does have very good directional sound and so is very suitable for casual or even more competitive gamers. The directional sound is greatly improved when the 7.1 surround sound drivers are installed, the download can be found here. When listening to music the audio is very clear and has a good amount of bass and treble. Overall I believe the sound quality to be very good for the price however this is just my personal opinion.


I do believe this is one of the best all in one headset for the price, Great microphone and audio quality make it hard to fault with my only real issue being that my ears get warm after prolonged use. In conclusion, I do highly recommend this headset to both casual and maybe even more competitive gamers who aren’t looking to break the bank but still want quality. To purchase this headset click here.

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